Lisa Rinna Short, Edgy Shag Hairstyles

Jul 3, 2011

Lisa Rinna Short Shag Hairstyles 2012Lisa Rinna can be usually seen sporting short or long shag, with wispy, razor cut layers on both sides of the head, accompanied by side swept bangs. This edgy, full and fun look has many fans, however it requires razored cut layers to hold this wispy, flipped styling at the hair ends. If you have proper haircut, styling this shag is very simple and it requires just a small amount of styling cream to achieve the desired effect. If you don’t have razored layers any kind of hair layering around your face will do. To achieve better results use hot rollers, wrap it around small sections of hair and try to create outward curls, but only at the hair ends. Lisa Rinna hairstyle works best with square, diamond and oblong faces, adding width to the cheek-to-chin area.

Wash your hair, apply conditioner and start blow drying, moving from the roots to the hair ends. If you apply hair roots booster before blow-drying it will create more volume at the crown of the head. Use moulding cream to style the hair at the back. Pull out mid-lengths and flip them upward to create a controlled mess.

Move to the sides and style your hair ends in similar fashion: grab a small section, pull it out, pinch and flip upwards. Use more moulding cream and move down from the mid-lengths to the ends, flipping the ends outward. If your hair doesn’t hold, you can use more styling cream or try it on a thinner section of hair. If it still doesn’t work it probably means that you have too long hair or haircut not fit for this particular styling.

For the finishing steps work more on the volume. Use the styling cream and apply it to the crown area. Rub it on your scalp and lift the hair. You can also use the moulding cream to pinch up small chunks of hair. Apply hairspray to hold the volume.

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