Tousled in Halle Berry’s Hair Style

Jun 29, 2011

Halle Berry Short HairstylesNot only a talented actress and beautiful woman, Halle Berry is also one of the most prominent trendsetters of the last decade. She sported many different hairstyles, curly and wavy, as well as sleek and straight, different lengths and cuts. But she will be remembered most of all for her short, pixie haircuts, which proved that Afro-textured hair can go well with short cuts. Get inspired by Halle Berry hairstyles, read through this instruction and learn how to recreate Halle Berry’s hot and trendy tousled (a messy pixie cut), which she sported in 2009.

After washing your hair apply styling foam. Use as much as you need to cover your whole head with a thin layer of the foam. Comb your hair to distribute the foam evenly and make your hair really flat and sleek. Use a wrap cap – a kind of net, which holds your hair tightly – and wrap it around your head. You can now blow-dry your hair.

When your hair is dry use flat iron to straighten your hair at the top of your head. Start from the top and move forward, styling section after section. Try to lift the sections up and lay one on another to create messy look. Finish styling with combing your hair, but remember to always wait until your hair cools down after straightening.

Now style the sides of the head, creating inward curls on the hair ends to beautifully frame your face and shape your hairstyle. If you have small bangs you can flip them up as well. For finishing touches you can use small amount of gel or pomade to style the sides of the head and keep them sleek. You can also apply glue or wax to your tousled to hold the styling. Use your fingers to touch up the curls and flips.

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